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If you are considering selling your home, there are many things you must consider before making your final decision on which company you feel most comfortable with and can get the job done.  Marsh Realty makes things happen!


People considering purchasing a home today may very well look at 10 to 20 homes (or more) before they make a final decision to write a Contract. One of our marketing strategies is to make sure that each of our listings has a comprehensive and professionally prepared, full-color handout, that they can take home with them. When people look at so many homes, they easily forget which house was which and exactly what each house offered. With Marsh Realty, they will remember every detail about your house.


On each of our For Sale Signs that are displayed in your yard, we will have an information box for folks that drive by and want to know more about your home. Two of my pet peeves are seeing homes For Sale with empty information boxes and that the handout does not list a price. At Marsh Realty, we don't want to disappoint a potential buyer. Your handout will have a price and you information box will be full.


At Marsh Realty, we believe in holding Open Houses with the approval of our clients. Yes ... there will be some neighbors stopping in to see your house, but they may also know someone who is looking to move into your neighborhood. We have been successful selling some of our listings, by holding Open Houses.


Marsh Realty will feature your home in several publications such as the newspaper, the real estate booklets and even the real estate magazines. Where we advertise your home often depends upon the individual property. How an ad is written is also very important to get a potential buyers attention to call about a certain house. We take the time to write each ad, to best solicit interest on your specific home.



With our wealth of experience, we can recognize what needs to be done in your home to prepare it for the market. There are obvious things that you probably already recognize that need to be done, but we will provide you some tips, recommendations and suggestions on how to have your home in show condition.



Success in almost every business depends on good communication.  Our pledge to you is to provide you with feedback each and every time your house is shown. If it is shown by another realtor, we will forward you the feedback response received through CSS with their client’s comments about your home. When the property is shown by a Marsh Realty agent, we will e-mail you that client’s response.

In addition, Marsh Realty has just instituted a “Listing Follow-up Program” to personally meet with you every 30 days (or as needed) to discuss your listing activity, our marketing efforts, market conditions and any new ideas to help promote your home. We promise not to simply list your house and forget you. This is a team effort.


We take pride in our communication with our customers.




Marsh Realty is a member of CSS (Centralized Showing Service). This is an expense Marsh Realty absorbs for the sole purpose of making sure that no showings of your house are missed. Realtors that do not subscribe to a showing service do not always respond in a timely fashion to other agents’ inquiries and showing opportunities can easily be missed

All realtors wanting to show your home will call a toll free number (seven days per week) to receive showing instructions for your home.  All realtors must provide CSS their company information and also their personal realtor identification code. CSS will then immediately e-mail and call Marsh Realty to inform us who is showing your home and when. CSS will also immediately call you and leave a message at your home and even call your cell phone if you desire with the same information.

Marsh Realty wants to make your listing easier to show, resulting in more showings and a faster sale. 



I guess this will be dating our Broker, Bob Marsh, but when he received his real estate license in 1978, beyond there not being computers and the internet, there were not even fax machines. My, how the business world has changed and evolved!


Marsh Realty strongly believes that a dominate presence on the internet is vital in today’s market. With our internet marketing package, your home will get maximum exposure. List with Marsh Realty and we will advertise our home on the following national, regional and local websites.




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